In_the_ZoneMany of us can recall what it felt like when we were ‘in the zone.’ it most likely happened either while playing a sport or doing something that captivated our attention. When asked to describe what it was like, we hear things like, “Everything was moving a lot slower,” “I could see clearly and make the right move,” etc.

In order to distinguish and further clarify the term ‘in the zone’ we created three different zones — the AutoZone, the AlphaZone™ and the BeliefZone.


Operating on auto-pilot in a state of mechanical busyness either from instinctual programming or under the influence of hidden inner drives


Staying present and engaging actively in making conscious choices in a state of calm alertness, clear focus and measured performance


Following blindly without investigating or questioning the validity of their beliefs adopted by living under the influence of external forces

One of the primary goals of all ChoiceLadder programs is help participants learn how to identify when they are operating in the AlphaZone and notice when they leave the AlphaZone and ways to consciously get back in the AlphaZone if it makes sense.

Learn the ABCDs of Choice-making

Chart showing: Assumptions, Beliefs, Conditioning, DriveAs human beings, we are constantly in the business of judging. We are judging ourselves, others and our actions. Exercising good judgment is the foundation for a successful and fulfilled life. Gaining insights about our unconscious biases, our social conditioning and our hidden drives can greatly enhance our Judgment Quotient® or JQ® and guide us to make better choices and improve our overall quality of life.


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