At any moment in your life, you have a hierarchy of choices at your disposal. The ChoiceLadder workshops give you the skills to climb this metaphorical ladder and reach the highest level of conscious decision-making, where you can combine instinct, intellect, insight and intuition to operate in “the zone.”

These JQ® Accelerator workshops help you to embrace the more intangible human element to enrich the quality and sustainability of one’s choices while reducing the consequences of poor judgment by improving your Judgment Quotient®.

“Too many driven people realize too late in life that they traded their values for peak performance.” —Krishna Pendyala

Judgment Quotient® | JQ®

Judgment Quotient® Accelerator
Master the ABCDs of Choice-making


Need a Scholarship?

ChoiceLadder Institute is committed to a pay it forward social mission and offers scholarships to worthy candidates: one-for-one. For every paid attendee, one deserving applicant gets to attend a public ChoiceLadder workshop for FREE. Apply Here.