athletesAs athletics continues to grow at all levels within our society — AAU, High School, College and Professional, the need to help athletes, coaches and staff to be better equipped to exercise good judgment in the moment is critical.

Over the years we have seen a rise in the number of situations, both on and off the field that have caused harm and significant damage to both the players and the administration. The conventional approaches used to address these types of situations have predominantly been punitive, such as suspension or fines, neither of which addresses the core issues of the problem.

With the ChoiceLadder training, performance enthusiasts are given the skills necessary and the space to generate insights to become more effective in every area of their lives: sports, work, money, relationships and self.

The workshops will invite participants to engage actively and provide ample room for reflection.

  • To identify or revisit their core values and become aware of their beliefs and conditioning
  • To establish or reevaluate goals and verify their alignment with identified values
  • To measure their performance in each of their Life Spaces against their respective priorities
  • To illuminate the invisible drivers of influence, making them visible
  • To appreciate how daily judgment and choice-making impacts our six core Life Spaces
  • To chart their own MAP™ — My Action Plan to implement new ideas in their lives.


Need a Scholarship?

ChoiceLadder Institute is committed to a pay it forward social mission and offers scholarships to worthy candidates: one-for-one. For every paid attendee, one deserving applicant gets to attend a public ChoiceLadder workshop for FREE. Apply Here.