entrepreneursWith the competitive global business environment demanding the speed at which we conduct business and engage with others, leaders must focus on growth and innovation, not on supervising basic employee tasks and day-to-day activities. ChoiceLadder guides participants to a mindset that increases a team’s basic judgment skills and productivity at the individual level. Some of the most visible and immediate positive results of enhanced personal awareness is the increased empathy and compassion for other team members. ChoiceLadder provides avenues to practice and cultivate habits that will elevate the quality of choice-making at every level of the organization. The workshops go beyond traditional job skills and procedures, thus increasing job satisfaction, enhancing efficiency and propelling organizations to new levels of success.

Whether you are an athlete, entrepreneur, front-line worker, parent or student, it is easy to feel lost in today’s fast-paced world. While individuals pay more attention and often are consumed by major, consequential decisions, they tend to overlook the daily choices that play an integral part in their overall success in life. ChoiceLadder recognizes that entrepreneurs, leaders and high-achievers are people who have committed to take risks in pursuit of a better life. It is easy to focus more on aspects that address their standard of living, only to realize realize much later that what they really wanted all along was a better quality of life. With ChoiceLadder, performance enthusiasts are given the skills necessary to become more effective in every area of their lives: work, relationships, family and self.

The workshops will invite participants to engage actively and provide ample room for reflection.

  • To identify or revisit their core values and become aware of their beliefs and conditioning
  • To establish or reevaluate goals and verify their alignment with identified values
  • To measure their performance in each of their Life Spaces against their respective priorities
  • To illuminate the invisible drivers of influence, making them visible
  • To appreciate how daily judgment and choice-making impacts our six core Life Spaces
  • To chart their own MAP™ — My Action Plan to implement new ideas in their lives.


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